Moore dominates to win Gum Tree 10k

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May 13—In a year when the Gum Tree Run tries to get back to its local roots, a pair of runners did their part to facilitate that.

Tyler Moore, of Oxford, won the 45th annual 10k in 33 minutes, 3 seconds. This marks the first time since 2009 that a Mississippi native has won the 10k. That year, Eric Chir-Chir of Tupelo won in 29:31.

The 24-year-old, who moved to Mississippi from Little Falls, Minnesota, ran long distance in track and field at Ole Miss before attending grad school. This is the first year that he's run post-grad.

"I'm just trying to come back and run more miles than I used to," he said. "I'm just running 35, 40 miles a week right now. I'm getting ready for my first marathon in June, so it's just kind of building up to that."

Moore was out near the front at the start, then got ahead after the first turn. His lead only got bigger from there.

The key was establishing a pace he could maintain throughout the race, even when the elements got in the way.

"I wanted to run 5:15 and I went out at 5:07 and just kind of chilled on that," he said. "The fifth mile coming back into the sun on the highway part of the four-lane was so hot. It was into the wind, the sun was cooking so I just kind of chilled and tried not to blow the last mile."

A fellow Oxford native, Charlie Dawson, finished second with a 35:12. Harrison Wampler, a long-distance runner in track and field at Tupelo High School, finished third in 36:18.

After 42:50 had passed, Sarah Litton crossed the finish line as the top female finisher and 25th overall. The 17-year-old runs cross country and track and field at Ocean Springs High School.

"It was nice to come in first," she said. "I've never really come in first before."

Four of the top eight runners in the women's standings are from Tupelo. Another runner, Jane Shettles, hails from Belden.