Moose spotted trotting along Worcester streets

An unusual sight in Worcester Wednesday morning – a moose wondering the streets of the city. The moose was captured on King Street and has now been relocated to the woods. At one point, the moose trots into the road, gets clipped by a car, gets back up and scampers off. A short time later, he was corralled and tranquilized. Witnesses say it was surreal. "I'm just glad he's alright, you know? Kids were all going to school at that time of the morning, and we were like kind of panicking, trying to tell people just waking up and coming out to their porches for their morning coffee, I'm like, 'Stay on your porch! There's a big animal.' It must weigh about 2,000 pounds or more. He's a big boy," said witness Dan Antonucci. Massachusetts Environmental Police tranquilized the moose, then Fisheries and Wildlife trucked the moose back to the woods.

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