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More Than 100 People Starting Over After 5-Alarm Apartment Fire

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Steve Pickett takes a look at the effort to help those who lost everything.

Video Transcript

- Because of what you see here, more than 100 people are having to start all over today. This is a huge fire, obviously. You see Dallas' Lake Highlands Community. Fire yesterday evening burned through dozens of apartment units in the 9600 Block of Forest Lane. Our Steve Pickett, today, looking at the effort now to help neighbors.

STEVE PICKETT: It was a five alarm inferno. The city's fire department calling it the largest residential fire this year. Buildings holding 52 of 600-plus apartment units burning.

- Family of five, we're without everything right now.

STEVE PICKETT: [INAUDIBLE], his children, his wife, were five of the more than 100 people who escaped their Forest Cove apartment units. This afternoon, [INAUDIBLE] and neighbor Ronneisha Ellis could only watch as crews returned to the burned out buildings.

RONNEISHA ELLIS: I grabbed my kids. All I heard was screaming. And you know, we watched it. And it went from one building and it just kind of cascaded and took all of them.

STEVE PICKETT: Dallas fire officials telling us at least four of these buildings with at least 12 units per building were burned. And almost all of them had children inside.

SUMMER MARTIN: And so we have 195 students that live in that complex.

STEVE PICKETT: Richardson School District officials alerted counselors and teachers today. Inside the elementary school, that sits right across the street from the fire scene, at least 30 RISD students suffered fire damage to their homes here.

SUMMER MARTIN: We make a phone call to each family to say, were you impacted? How are you impacted? And how can we help?

STEVE PICKETT: DFR officials say that fire was already at an advanced stage when crews arrived on Monday. Today, Northeast Dallas police officers dropping off food donations and other supplies to assist the victims of the city's largest fire tied to people's homes. In Dallas, Steve Pickett, "CBS 11 News."

- The Dallas Fire Rescue, by the way, has not determined as of yet what started that fire.