More than 180 dead as protests grip Iran

STORY: At least 185 people have been killed amid unrest in Iran, a human rights group said, following the death of a young woman in police custody, which has sparked protests across the country.

Nineteen children are among the dead, Norway-based Iran Human Rights group reported.

The protests have become the biggest challenges to Iran's clerical leaders in years, with demonstrators calling for the downfall of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Despite the fierce crackdown by authorities, protesters remain undeterred.

In Javanrud, video obtained by Reuters and released on Saturday (October 8) showed fires burning on a road.

Reuters was not able to confirm the date it was filmed.

Videos on social media showed female students chanting “get lost” as Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi visited their university campus on Saturday.

Reuters was able to confirm the video’s location based on satellite imagery but not the date it was captured.

Authorities have described the protests as a plot by Iran's foes, including the United States.

They have also denied accusations that live bullets have been used.

Other demonstrations in solidarity with the women of Iran have taken place around the world.

On Saturday protesters gathered in London to show their support.

The unrest was sparked after Mahsa Amini died in police custody.

The 22-year-old had been arrested in Tehran for wearing "inappropriate attire."