More than 2,700 deer harvested in Jasper County in 2022/23 seasons

Jan. 19—Tyler Green, Jasper County Conservation Agent, recently reported a breakdown of the deer seasons and harvest totals for Jasper County.

Archery deer season opened Sept. 15, 2022 and closed Nov. 11, 2022, before reopening Nov. 23 and ending Jan. 15.

Telecheck data showed 251 antlered deer, 35 button bucks and 303 does were harvested, for a total of 589 deer. That compares to 605 deer last year harvest during the archery season in Jasper County.

Harvests during the five separate firearms deer seasons showed 1,186 antlered deer, 136 button bucks and 832 does harvested, for a total of 2,154 deer, compared to 1,815 a year earlier.

Green noted: "Higher numbers of deer harvested this season can be accounted for by several factors including timing of the rut (breeding season), weather and hunter effort."

Green can be reached at 417-385-8224; Jasper County Conservation Agent Jeremy Caddick can be reached at 417-763-5106.

MDC reported a preliminary total deer harvest for the season of 299,721.

Top harvest counties for the overall deer season were:

Franklin, 6,471

Callaway, 5,438

Jefferson, 4,966.