More than 20 cattle, donkey found dead at 85-year-old woman’s farm, New York cops say

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A complaint of a dying cow at an 85-year-old woman’s farm led to the discovery of more than 20 dead cattle and a dead donkey at the property, according to police in central New York.

The animals were “not properly disposed of” under state law and more than 60 underfed animals, including eight miniature horses, were rescued as a result, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said in an April 18 news release.

The farmer, of Canajoharie, was charged with overdriving, torturing and injuring animals as well as failing to provide them proper sustenance, authorities said. She was also issued a violation for not disposing of the dead animals properly.

When the sheriff’s office investigated the initial dying cow at the woman’s farm on March 30, they discovered it had died and she was “notified and advised” to properly dispose of it, according to the news release.

Authorities revisited the farm to check on the cow’s disposal and found several animals that seemed unhealthy, the sheriff’s office said. Then, multiple cattle and the donkey were found dead.

Ultimately, a warrant was obtained so the remaining malnourished animals could be seized, the news release said.

It took three days to rescue and relocate more than 40 cattle, 13 donkeys and the miniature horses which were taken to other nearby farms, according to police.

“The horses and donkeys’ hooves were in need of attention and they all had trouble walking properly,” the sheriff’s office noted.

The woman is due to appear in town court “at a later date,” the news release said. She specifically violated the state’s Agricultural and Markets Law, authorities said.

“This investigation is still on-going.”

Canajoharie is roughly 55 miles northwest of Albany.

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