More than 400 million users around the world connect to Pinterest each month (Number of the day)

Ben Silbermann is the CEO of Pinterest, which counts more than 400 million monthly users.
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The visually focused social network that specializes in pinning inspirational content claims more than 400 million monthly users across its international platform.

In the battle of the social networks, which model is most successful in terms of user numbers, engagement and reach? Within an ultra-competitive context, Pinterest has recorded a growing popularity with younger generations, referred to by marketing experts as Millennials and generation Z. These generations correspond to users aged 25 to 44 for Millennials, while generation Z consists of the young users aged 18-24 who have been using computers and smartphones from the youngest age. Over one year, Pinterest claims 50% growth among generation Z.

Another new developùent is the increasing number of men using Pinterest. Their user numbers have increased by almost 50% from June 2019 to June 2020, the period used for this annual analysis. That said, Pinterest remains a social network with a strong female user base, with women accounting for over 60% of its global user base.