More Than 900 NH Businesses Have Coronavirus GoFundMe Sites

Tony Schinella

This article originally appeared on the Concord Patch

CONCORD, NH — An online fundraising site is assisting small businesses in New Hampshire to keep their doors open during the new coronavirus outbreak. has launched a Coronavirus Small Business Relief Initiative to assist small businesses across the country. The program works in two ways: Some small businesses already have sites set up by GoFundMe; if you have a small business and don't your site, you can start one.

From there, patrons of the businesses or anyone else can make a donation directly to the company. The site has both business name and zip code, city, and state search functions allowing contributors to find businesses in their cities and towns.

In New Hampshire, more than 900 sites have been set up.

"Thankfully, we can all do something to help small businesses affected by coronavirus," the company stated online. "Through crowdfunding, you have the power to make an immediate difference for a local restaurant, bar, or favorite boutique. Start a fundraiser for a business you know and love, or support one of the many struggling businesses with a monetary donation to one of the above fundraisers. With a little encouragement and support from community members, small businesses can survive the coronavirus crisis and continue to thrive long after."

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Small businesses can also apply for a Small Business Relief Fund match grant from the company.

Businesses Involved

As of 11 a.m. on March 26, the following communities had business sites listed.

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In the coming days and weeks, more businesses will be added. Have you signed up for a site? Post information about your business in the comment section.


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