Some More Accumulation Expected Across Tri-State Area Through Friday Night

Up to eight inches of snow is blanketing the Tri-State Area tonight; CBS2's Vanessa Murdock reports.

Video Transcript

- And my colleague Vanessa Murdock has more on that. Vanessa, I know you're live right now with the mobile weather lab in Edgewater. Why don't you take it from there? Talk about the snow that has yet to fall.

VANESSA MURDOCK: All right. Well, listen, [INAUDIBLE]. I wish it was snowing right now because over the past few hours in New Jersey, we've been getting pelted with sleet and freezing rain. It is not pretty. (LAUGHING) Certainly though we're out here regardless.

Visibility as you look across the Hudson better than it was earlier today when it was beautiful, light, snuffy-- fluffy snow rather that accumulated to about four inches. But some warm air infiltrated above the surface. And now we're left with this, this freezing precipitation. Mobile weather lab reading 27.7 degrees. And to prove it to you how icy it's been, [INAUDIBLE] here on the rear light, the tail light of the mobile weather lab, it is sheer ice, folks. So messy out there right now.

Just how much more snow might we expect? Let's take it to the weather graphics and show you what we can expect. And I'm telling you, my lips are freezing together out here because of this frozen precip.

All right. We're gonna roll through the graphic here for you. This is the euro snowfall total. Through tomorrow evening, we're looking at generally a trace to maybe three inches well north of the city. As [INAUDIBLE] mentioned, the most significant portion of the storm is exiting. What's left is but a little bit.

I'll tell you what, though. It is icy out here. The snow that's been cleared leaving just a little trace of snow on the ground. Well, now it's getting iced over. So please be cautious out on those roads tonight as we expect the mixing to continue for a while longer. We're live right now in Edgewater, New Jersey, with the mobile weather lab. Christine and Maurice, back to you.

VANESSA MURDOCK: Time for a hot cup of something. Vanessa, thank you.