More Businesses, Services Reopen In Marin County Amid Coronavirus

Kristina Houck
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MARIN COUNTY, CA — More businesses opened Monday in Marin as the county moved into the next phase of its coronavirus pandemic response.

The county issued an updated public health order on Friday that allows outdoor dining and retail services, use of office space, child care services, summer and sports camps, and curbside library services.

A new public health order on Friday also lifted all previous restrictions on motorized access to parks and beaches in Marin. Portions of park facilities with high-touch equipment or that encourage gathering — including playgrounds, gym equipment, climbing walls, benches, picnic areas, dog parks, pools and barbecue areas — remain closed.

Indoor retail and outdoor religious services could resume between June 12 and 15 if there are no major surges in COVID-19 transmission, according to the county.

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Dr. Matt Willis, the county's public health officer, stressed that the county is still under a shelter-in-place order. As of Sunday, there were 483 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the county. The death toll stood at 14 in Marin.

"Our challenge is to balance the risks of reopening with the harms associated with shelter-in-place restrictions," Willis said.

"COVID-19 is still with us. As we lift restrictions at the policy level, it's more and more in our own hands as individuals to prevent spread. We are counting on all our residents and businesses to do their part as we move forward together."

Business guidelines are available at See which parks and beaches are open.

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