Mostly cloudy and not as cold

We'll get off to a damp start for St. Patrick's Day, but the significant rainfall won't come until later this week.

Video Transcript

- Still need that winter coat today. Let's get a check on the weather with Sam Champion. Sam.

SAM CHAMPION: If it was a couple of weeks ago, we'd be having a little dust, a little flurry off the ground. But this is staying in the air for the most part, and not even making it to the ground. Derick Waller just put it up on Twitter so you can see what it looks like, with a few flurries up against the 7 truck. So we're looking past Empire right now to the clouds and you can't even really find them in that sky shot. But there are one or two to be dealt with. And the reason that we're not making it down to the ground is, remember we just had high fire danger not too long ago, just a couple of days ago.

So our air is super dry. And this is the first moisture to kind invade that. And so it's filling up all the layers of the atmosphere until it gets down to the ground. One or two flurries are making the trip so far. We'll have a few more this afternoon into the evening hours. And I wouldn't be surprised if some southern areas come with a little bit of a sprinkle as well. So it's tough to kind of find the moisture in the satellite picture here. So if you zoom in to that a little bit, you can see that's where the showers are going to be placed, through central New Jersey.

And there's not much to see here. It'll just go by over the next couple of hours. I think another round of moisture will continue into the evening hours and even in the morning. I think there's a really good chance we're going to have a little bit of fog in the morning. Just looking at kind of the moisture that's still hanging around at that time. So a damp start for us at that point. The low as well offshore. There's nothing really for us to deal with out of it, but some clouds and I think just a little touch of low level moisture, but that'll mean that the air is full.

And then take a look at what's happening in this low, moving in our direction by the time we get to Thursday. This is the big storm system that comes out of the plains. It's going to have a lot of action with it. For us, it is a rainmaker, but a big rainmaker. This could be an inch, maybe two inches of rain that we have to deal with. To time it out right now, it looks like it's after 2:00 PM on Thursday until about 2:00 AM on Friday. That looks like the time. Allow us to adjust it a little bit more when we see that storm coming out of the plains.

But that's the running idea with this now, just so you can make some plans around when not to be caught in that rain. Because an inch or two inches of rain means we'll have some street flooding to deal with in that time period. And then it may try to kick out with a little bit of light snow as some colder, drier air gets in here, but not enough to really stick too much, because this will have been a very soaking rain situation for us. So let's run this through with the clouds that we've got. Notice that the flurries are still popping up by about 7:30 in the evening hours.

Now this is where we may see, in Putnam County, you may get a little bit of a light coating or dusting here, Sullivan County as well, northwestern portions of New Jersey. Coastal areas are dealing more with a little flurry and a sprinkle, and more of the way of a sprinkle, look at that, 39 degrees, 36 degrees, even 11 o'clock tonight. So 35 degrees right here in Nassau County, there may be a little bit there. So basically, the idea here is that, again, 6:30 in the morning, not to see that there's a sprinkle to worry about here, but to see there's still enough moisture here with these clouds that we can get trapped with a little bit of fog around the area right around 6:30 in the morning.

So that's something that we've got to keep an eye on and then we'll dry it out. Just want to run this all the way until Thursday afternoon. And there's that hit a very heavy rain that starts to move in our direction. During the day today, just plan on clouds, because we keep moving them through. And one or two flurries, a little bit of a sprinkle, moving through. Not much to comment on. More clouds, late shower flurry mix is the way to see this at about 40 degrees.

Clouds, chill, a shower, and a flurry, 36 degrees. Damp start, possibly some fog there. It stays cloudy for a good part of the day tomorrow in St. Patrick's Day. And notice what we're looking at Thursday. This is an AccuWeather alert for the very heavy rain. And I mean one to two inches Thursday into Friday. Guys.