More coronavirus treatments may be on the horizon

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One major tool that we've been missing in the coronavirus fight is a pill that people can take right after they've been diagnosed with the virus. It may not be that far off.

Why it matters: An effective antiviral pill could prevent an infected person from ever getting sick, or at least from requiring hospitalization. It's not a substitute for vaccination, but it would make living with the coronavirus safer.

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Driving the news: Clinical trials for at least three promising antivirals are underway, and results may be available as soon as late fall or winter, KHN reports.

  • The only antiviral we currently have is remdesivir, which must be given intravenously to coronavirus patients who are already sick enough to be hospitalized.

The bottom line: The ideal future is one where people don't get sick from the coronavirus because it's no longer around. But a future in which people can get sick but avoid hospitalization or death isn't bad either.

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