More COVID-19 Vaccination Sites Now Offering Walk-In Appointments

Several vaccination sites in the Chicago area will be offering shots Saturday with no appointment necessary.

Video Transcript

SUZANNE LE MIGNOT: Happening today several vaccination sites will be offering shots and no appointment necessary. CBS 2's Meredith Barack live right now outside of Roseland Hospital, just one of the many places now where you can receive the vaccine today. Meredith.

MEREDITH BARACK: Suzanne, good morning. That's right, no appointment necessary here. Walk-ins at Roseland begin at 9:00 this morning and will run until 3:00 this afternoon. It is just one of several sites across the Chicagoland area that is now allowing people to just walk right up and get their shot.

The Lake County Health Department also offering walk-in appointments starting at noon today at the Lake County Fairgrounds. This comes as the county is seeing fewer and fewer people booking appointments.

On Friday alone, the fairgrounds had 1,000 unfilled appointments. This also means that for the first time in months, they have excess vaccine doses.

PATTI CORN: We would get down to Mondays where we would only have one or two vials. We got down to almost zero, so we would wait for that next shipment to come. So now, I think this is the first week we've actually had vaccine sitting in the refrigerator from one week to the next week.

MEREDITH BARACK: Other sites in Chicago also offering a walk-in appointments today include the Masom Center in Mayfair and the Center on Halsted in Boystown. And in Will County, walk-ins are welcome at the state's mass vaccination site inside the Toys R US in Joliet.

Reporting live in Roseland, I'm Meredith Barack, CBS 2 News.

SUZANNE LE MIGNOT: Thanks so much, Meredith.