More COVID-19 vaccination sites opening in NYC

New York City continues its efforts to make getting a COVID-19 vaccine as easy as possible.

Video Transcript

DAVID NOVARRO: COVID-19 vaccine, Mayor de Blasio announcing even more vaccination sites will open, and you can walk-in if you're 50 years or older. Eyewitness News reporter, Derick Waller, has the latest from Manhattan's West side.

DERICK WALLER: If you're a New Yorker still looking to get the vaccine, there's really no excuse. The Javits Center among the sites with available appointments right now, and we just learned about some new locations on the way.

BILL DE BLASIO: And now at over 30 vaccination sites all around the city, city run vaccination sites, you can simply walk up, get a vaccination right away if you are 50 years old or older.

DERICK WALLER: New walk-in vaccination sites across the city. As well as vaccine availability in specific areas, like the Queensborough Community College, JFK Terminal 5, and even the Museum of Natural History. That opens Friday with some vaccines set aside specifically for NYCHA residents and staff, as well as union members. But the general public can make appointments there too. The Rockaways another focus.

BILL DE BLASIO: Pop-up sites in the Rockaways. The Rockaways is a place that always deserves attention, and historically hasn't gotten its fair share. We're making sure there's lots of options for residents of the Rockaways.

DERICK WALLER: And with vaccinations up and COVID cases down, Governor Cuomo announcing next week, capacity limits expand to 50% at museums and zoos, and 33% at movie theaters. Also looking ahead to May 19, that's when Governor Cuomo says, indoor arenas, like Madison Square Garden, can increase capacity from 10% to 25%. Reporting from Manhattan--