More Houston police charged in wake of deadly raid

Prosecutors say a second Houston police officer has been charged with murder and is among additional officers who have been indicted as part of an investigation into a Houston Police Department narcotics unit following a deadly 2019 drug raid. (Jan. 27)

Video Transcript

RUSTY HARDIN: And this anti-cop cop attitude that is reflected, in all due respect, by our district attorney in Harris County, it's not only wrong morally, it's wrong legally. And it is tremendously self-destructive to the legitimate protection of the public in Harris County.

FELIPE GALLEGOS: It's been very challenging, just because I haven't been awarded the opportunity to tell my side of the story-- to be able to explain that I'm not the bad person that I'm being painted to be.

DOUGLAS GRIFFITH: That is something that we just feel is inappropriate. And the officer went in that day to work to do his job. And in reality, he should be receiving an award of valor. Instead, today he's posting a bond to keep his freedom.