More LA Drivers Considering Installing Dash Cams In Cars

As more crimes are caught on dash cams, many drivers are considering getting one for their own cars.

Video Transcript


JASMINE VIEL: From the serious to the minor fender-bender.

- Oh, [BLEEP]

JASMINE VIEL: Dash cams have proven very useful in providing that critical evidence of what happened. In another example, this suspect was easily arrested after he was caught on a dash cam robbing a grandfather in South El Monte earlier this month. Reports show more and more drivers are considering installing them in their car.

Do you want to get one?

- Yes, I do.

JASMINE VIEL: A new report by shows the global market for dash cameras was more than $2 billion last year and is expected to reach almost $3 billion this year.

DAVID GERARD: This is what is pointing out through the windshield. And this is what you see inside the cab.

JASMINE VIEL: David Gerard, who owns Gerard and Peterson Incorporated, a tow truck company in Burbank, says his new insurance company is now mandating transportation companies like his to install dash cams.

DAVID GERARD: I welcome it. I welcome it. It's a well-needed instrument. It protects us if there is a problem. It helps us either clarify what happened or to deny that it happened.

JASMINE VIEL: For drivers, there is currently no dash cam insurance discount right now in the US. But insurance companies I spoke to say having a dash cam can definitely help protect you in the insurance claims process.

- It's good. It records everything.

JASMINE VIEL: This Tesla owner actually bought the car yesterday, already equipped with cameras ready to go. Most of these cameras are available from about 100 bucks. That's the quality of the video you're looking at now. To $500.

Girard says he is definitely going to install a dash cam in his personal vehicles as well.

DAVID GERARD: I am going to put one in my wife's car and my car. $120, so why wouldn't you?

JASMINE VIEL: In Pasadena, Jasmine Viel, KCAL 9 News.

- An LA County Sheriff--