More leaks confirm that Apple's next iPhone may come with rear triple-camera setup

Apple's next generation of iPhones is expected to be unveiled on September 10.

Anonymous but notable tech expert Mr. White on Thursday published an image of what is purported to be the next iPhone's design schematic revealing three cameras on the back, as spotted by MacRumors.

During the first week of this year, dependable smartphone leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer published his very first rendering of what was claimed to be the back of the next-generation iPhone, allegedly called the iPhone XI. The 5K images focused on the unusual asymmetric triple rear-camera setup which seemed to be backed up less than a month later by the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. After seeing another image published this week by notable leaker Mr. White, Hemmerstoffer's design looks increasingly like it might be the real deal.

Mr. White shared an image on Twitter of the schematics of an upcoming iPhone whose design matches exactly what Hemmerstoffer predicted in January. Though Mr. White refers to it as the next iPhone XR, Hemmerstoffer calls it the iPhone XI. The reports by the WSJ and Bloomberg both state that the successor to the iPhone XS Max will don three cameras, while the next-gen iPhone XS and XR will have two rear cameras each. In any case, whichever model it turns out to be, the devices that each of these leakers shared look to be the same one.

Each image depicts the three cameras set up in a triangle format with the flash positioned above the triangle to the right and a mic positioned below the triangle also to the right.

Considering that nearly every iPhone model ever made in the past has had a September launch, it's likely that if this model comes to market, it will make its debut in September, as well.