More Long Lines At Chicago Post Offices, Complaints About Missing Mail

Lines were long and fuses were short this weekend as more mail delivery frustrations played out at post offices around Chicago. CBS 2's Steven Graves reports.

Video Transcript

- Long lines and short fuses. People face more mail delivery frustrations this weekend at post offices around Chicago. CBS2's News Steven Graves is live after talking with people who had to wait for more than an hour. Steven?

STEVEN GRAVES: Jim, that's right. That story from one couple here in the Near West Side on Friday, but the same scene playing out today further on the South Side.

These pictures right here are from the 46th and Cottage Grove US Post Office. The CBS2 viewer who snapped them waited for almost two hours for a package. come to find out, it should have been delivered a week ago. She didn't get mail today, either.

And the other couple we spoke to haven't gotten mail for six weeks. John Baker waited in line at the Western and Monroe Post Office for about an hour. All for nothing.

JOHN BAKER: They told me I had to have a certificate--

- Certified.

JOHN BAKER: --certified, for this building. They're holding my mail.

STEVEN GRAVES: And Baker and his wife recently had a change of address, but that was more than three months ago. And they got mail regularly until the past few weeks. No word from USPS on Baker's specific issue, but the Postal Service continues to blame mail issues on weather, short staffing, and the pandemic.

And these issues are ongoing as Congressman Bobby Rush continues to call for the head of Chicago's Postal Service to step down-- that comes after investigations here at CBS2, and you can read all about them on our website. Just make sure you search USPS.

Reporting live here on the Near West Side, Steven Graves, CBS2 News. Jim?

- Steven, thank you.