More People Tuning In To Hays Bald Eagle Cam

The Hays bald eagles have been busy after two eaglets hatched on the same day. More people are watching the live stream than in the past; KDKA's Nicole Ford reports.

Video Transcript

This week was busy for the bald eagles in Hays. Two of the eaglets hatched on the same day, and a third still hasn't hatched yet. Nicole Ford shares why more people are watching the live stream than in years past. New at 5:00.

NICOLE FORD: With more springlike temperatures, more people are getting outside and hitting the bike trail. But a number of those people are stopping and looking into the woods to find the Hays bald eagles. Two eggs have hatched and the wait is on for the third. This excitement surrounding the nesting season is breaking records online. Wildlife experts tell KDKA in the last year, more people have turned on the live stream since the first year the cameras were installed in 2013. So what's different this time around?

RACHEL HANDEL: I think people are looking for something that is inspirational and will raise their spirits. So when you see a fluffy little eaglet emerging from its egg, it's really hard to feel down.

NICOLE FORD: With more people utilizing digital in the pandemic, more people are discovering this live camera. Just last month, users from 52 countries logged in to see when the eggs would hatch. Don't worry if you haven't tuned in just yet. This is only the beginning of an action-packed eagles season. Those eaglets will continue to grow over the next few months and then will eventually leave the nest early this summer. Reporting in Hays, Nicole Ford, KDKA News.