More readers sound off on Tennessee football Neyland Stadium sound system | Adams

A recent reader complaint about the sound system at Neyland Stadium for Tennessee football games has triggered similar responses, some of which are included in this week’s email column.

Bob writes: It seems as if those in charge of the stadium want the fans to think they are at a rock concert.

It is so very loud, particularly the bass notes when they are endlessly repeated. I already have hearing loss and typically wear hearing aids but I wouldn't think of wearing them at a Vols game. I'm seriously considering wearing ear plugs for the next game.

I am also not fond of the flashing lights but let's leave it at just a complaint about the sound system for now.

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My response: I’ve found earplugs to be ineffective.

I’ve tried using them when my wife was snoring, but they would fall out in my sleep. Also, they didn’t dull the noise that much.

Now, I lightly place a pillow over her head. That works better.

Sharon writes: You have no idea how many times my sister and I have complained to each other about the horrible sound at Neyland Stadium.

I have complained to my Tennessee Fund representative, and she said she is all around the stadium and has not noticed any problem.

It is terrible.

My response: Maybe, your Tennessee fund representative straps a pillow over her head to cover her ears when walking around the stadium.

Glenn writes: Isn’t the local media coverage of UT football more widespread than in other SEC towns? If you add up all the TV and radio shows every day prior to game day, the coverage is intense in the Knoxville market.

In other SEC towns I’ve been to for games, the coverage seems to pale compared to Knoxville. I wonder if all this affects the psyche of our players as all the coverage and fan excitement adds to the pressure on these young players. More pressure on them than what the visiting team is feeling. Excess pressure can have a negative effect on performance.

My response: Players are more apt to read comments on social media than follow all the media hype.

But you’re right. My guess is few college teams in the country have as much media coverage as the Vols.

W.H.: Has the SEC decided giving Kentucky two weeks to prepare for Tennessee is a permanent part of the SEC schedule? This year's schedule provides the Wildcats an off-week the week before they play the Vols. Lo and behold, the 2023 schedule also provides Kentucky an off-week before the Vols.

My response: Given how one-sided the rivalry has been in Tennessee’s favor, perhaps the SEC should give Kentucky two open-date weeks before the UT game.

Ryan writes: Hey John, I wrote this for our upcoming matchup with Florida and thought it might be fun to incorporate into the paper if you like it.

My response: It arrived too late for last week’s column, but I will include it in my year’s end poetry-writing contest. I also will publish an excerpt after the fact:

“For we’re led by a man whose name is Josh Heupel

And his wits are as quick as ole Davy Crockett’s rifle.

From Wuerffel to Tebow, they’ve left us quite solemn.

But not this year, Hello Win column.

For once and for all let’s silence the haters,

And wake up tomorrow and Go beat them gators.”

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