More COVID-19 vaccination sites opening in NYC

On April 26, capacity is expanding to 50% at museums and zoos and 33% at movie theaters across the state. And large indoor arenas will increase to 25% capacity on May 19, in time for the NBA playoffs.

Video Transcript

- Turning to the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions lifting across our entire area.

- In Connecticut, all business restrictions will fall away on May 19. Governor Lamont announced that major change yesterday.

- And there are a number of changes coming to New York. Eyewitness News reporter Derick Waller is live for us outside of the Javits Center with details on that. Good morning, Derek.

DERICK WALLER: Michelle, Ken, good morning. The fact is if you want a vaccine, you can get it. They have plenty of appointments available at vaccine sites across New York. But now, while they're trying to make it easier for people to get them, they really need New Yorkers to fill these appointments.

And so on Friday, yet another vaccine hub will open-- this time at the Museum of Natural History. 1,000 shots a day will be available there to the general public Tuesdays through Thursdays. Mayor De Blasio says they are also setting aside doses for NYCHA residents, staff, as well as union workers. Also, they're going to be expanding access, expanding walk-in-- walk-in appointments, that sort of thing, trying to make this easy for people.

BILL DEBLASIO: In addition to other issues we've dealt with, including honest hesitancy and questions people have had, some of the problem is just busy lives and questions of convenience and logistics. And if you can take that out of the equation and have a lot of places people can go-- all you have to do is walk up whenever it works for you-- that's certainly going to increase the number of vaccinations a lot.

DERICK WALLER: Also, Governor Cuomo announcing on April, 2006 capacity is expanding to 50% at museums and zoos and 33% in movie theaters. And that's because, he says, the COVID numbers continue to trend in the right direction.