More Snow Blanketing The Northeast

CBS4's Naomi Ruchim reports that part of the country could get another eight inches of snow.

Video Transcript

- The worst is not over yet. More snow is blanketing the Northeast in what forecasters are calling a long duration event. By the time it's over late Friday, that part of the country could get another eight inches of snow. CBS 4's Naomi Ruchim has more from New York.

NAOMI RUCHIM: The shortest month on the calendar is starting to feel like the longest.

- Oh man, that groundhog was right.

NAOMI RUCHIM: Another winter storm is dumping an icy mix in the mid-Atlantic causing a serious accident on I-81 near Roanoke, Virginia. And more snow is falling in the Northeast.

JEFF BERARDELLI: This is a long duration event and in total we're likely to see about four to eight inches of snow.

LINDSAY MCCOY: Who doesn't want to be in New York in the snow. You got to look at it positively, I think.

NAOMI RUCHIM: New Jersey residents are asked to stay off the roads.

DIANE GUTIERREZ-SCACCETTI: Hopefully, you can stay home watch a good movie. Frozen is always a good choice.

NAOMI RUCHIM: Experts say another flake doesn't have to fall. The New York area is already having an above average snow season. Way below average temperatures are still crippling parts of the South, especially Texas. Power outages there dropped below the half million mark for the first time in four days. But many people are still without safe drinking water.

BULBUL PATEL: It's been really rough just try to stay warm and I've just been really, really worried about water more than power.

NAOMI RUCHIM: Critics say Texas long ignored recommendations to winterize its power sources.

ED HIRS: The warnings have been there for years. This was a train wreck on the way to happening 10 years ago.

NAOMI RUCHIM: And while many Texans struggle with the weather, photos on social media show Texas Senator Ted Cruz heading to Cancun. He issued a statement saying he was accompanying his daughters on a trip and is returning today. Naomi Rucham, CBS News, New York.

- Extreme weather has been blamed for more than 30 deaths this week most from traffic accidents and carbon monoxide poisoning.