More Snow And Cold Temperatures On The Way

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--moisture in the metro area right now.

LAUREN WHITNEY: No, and we may see a few rain showers or very light snow tonight. But you'll notice there's a lot of activity on the western side of the state, starting to move more up into Wyoming right now. We have a little bit in the foothills and then down to the south.

Today was kind of the lull in between a wave that we had last night and what we're expecting tomorrow. So we were never expecting a lot today. But it certainly was still on the cool side. You can see this area of low pressure is still swirling around right now. It's over parts of Nevada, getting closer to Utah. And what we're going to see over the next day or so is this system, it's going to pass through Utah, head toward Colorado on Thursday and into Friday.

By Friday, it's on the Eastern side of the state by about lunchtime. And we're still seeing snow at this point in many, many areas, especially on the Eastern plains. And then this will move out of here on Friday afternoon. But we will still stay on the unsettled side with the fringes of this through Saturday.

So let's put this future cast in motion for tonight. Again, there is a chance of a little bit of moisture around the Denver area, again, not much of anything tonight. Tomorrow morning there could be some rain and snow on parts of the Eastern plains. And then we'll see more snow starting to develop in the high country, throughout that parts of the early afternoon.

For Denver, probably after about 3:00 or 4:00, we start to get a chance for some rain coming our way. That will turn over to snow and stick with us well through the night on Thursday and through Wednesday morning. Now in terms of some potential totals from Thursday afternoon through Friday morning, we once again have a winter weather advisory in place for the foothills and the front range mountains for about four to seven inches of snow.

And then out on the eastern plains, Yuma and Kit Carson and Yuma and Kit Carson counties could see three to six inches of snow. Again, this is wet heavy spring snow. So it may not be piled up nice and light and fluffy like you usually see in the winter time.

For the Denver area I'd say about two to four inches is not out of the question. Some areas may see a little bit more some may pick up a little bit less. Now we know it's really gusty out there. The eastern plains you guys are dealing with some pretty nasty winter especially in the eastern side or southeast, but as you head to the western side the state, winds are about 30 to over 50 miles an hour right now.

So because of that, we have red flag warnings all the way from parts of Garfield County down toward Durango and into the San Luis Valley. Most of these, except for this chunk of the Western slope will have this again on Thursday. It will still stay very windy tomorrow. We also have a wind advisory for the very far western side of the state through 9:00 tonight with these gusts still continuing.

It's not very fun out there right now. Temperatures across the state, 47 in Denver, 37 though in Boulder, 50s, 60s out east. 40s to the 60s in the high country. And that goes for the western side of the state as well. We have 63 from our weather watcher Ed Team in northeast Alamosa and our Almanac for today.

50 our high today in Denver. 46 downtown. So we continue to run below. Normal get used to that. We're not going back above normal for quite some time. 35 in Denver tonight, 34 in Fort Collins. Right about freezing for the northeast and plains. 20s, 30s in the high country.

And then tomorrow, a little cooler. 44 in Denver, 43 in Boulder, 30s out in the eastern plains. It gets pretty chilly. 40s, 50s in the high country. And then for our five day forecast, we're down to the 30s on Friday. Overnight lows will drop to the 20s for several days Thursday through Saturday night. Then we get a little warmer by Sunday.

- All right, warmer sounds nice. Laura, thank you. Well, Jamal Murray--