More snowfall in New York and New Jersey

The winter weather didn't stop people from going outside in New York and New Jersey on Feb. 19. AccuWeather's Kim Leoffler checked in with residents to see how they feel about all the snow.

Video Transcript

KIM LEOFFLER: As you can see, the snow has started to pick back up. It's been kind of on and off all throughout the day today. People who live here tell me they have mixed feelings about this winter weather. Some people love it, and others can't wait for spring.

The winter weather didn't stop some people from getting outside Friday in New York and New Jersey.

CARMEN TORRUELLA: I actually love going out when it's snowing and it's really cold. I actually prefer it to when it's hot. When it's cold, you're just inside, you're like, it's kind of yucky. Well, once you get outside, get some exercise, you just feel great for the rest of the day.

KIM LEOFFLER: Anywhere from a few inches to around 10 inches of snow fell across the Tri-State over the last few days-- an area that's already seen a lot of winter weather this month.

MARY YARANON: I think right now, we're able to, like, grin and bear it, but I don't know if we could take much more. It just seems to have just been coming and coming and coming. You know, I think we got like a brief break earlier this week. But really, it's been ongoing.

PHIL BRAUN: Sick of winter. With the pandemic and the cold weather, it's been a long winter.

KIM LEOFFLER: And while some people may not have been thrilled about all this cold, the dogs were loving it. We found several bundled up and having fun in the snow.

MARY YARANON: He loves the weather out here. I think dogs and snow are just like a winning combination. So, he's enjoying it. The more snow, the better for him.

KIM LEOFFLER: For AccuWeather, I'm Kim Leoffler.