More Than A Thousand Ballots May Have Been Destroyed In Potential North Carolina Election Fraud

Kristine Lofgren

Man Voter Putting Ballot Into Voting box.

In the race for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, new evidence shows that more than a thousand absentee ballots from mostly Democratic voters may have been destroyed as part of potential election fraud in the state. The Hill reports that nearly 2,000 ballots were requested, but only 60 percent of those have been returned, adding new evidence to the case that has been under scrutiny in recent days.

Republican Mark Harris ran against Democrat Dan McCready in North Carolina. Since the election, numerous voters have claimed that their uncompleted ballots were collected and turned over to North Carolina politician Leslie McCrae Dowless Jr. One worker came forward, saying that she had been hired to pick up ballots for McCrae Dowless and that those ballots were never mailed.

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