Morgan Freeman stars in powerful NAACP election ad

Ashley Terrell

‘Our lives quite literally depend on it,’ Freeman said while discussing voting

Actor Morgan Freeman is using his powerful voice to remind the American public what is at stake during this election cycle.

The National Association of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) partnered with Freeman to create an ad that makes clear what is on the line and empowers individuals to vote.

On Friday, Rachel Maddow premiered the ad, which she described as “really good” on her MSNBC show after being contacted by the organization. Derrick Johnson, activist and current president of the NAACP, thanked Maddow for providing a platform to share their message to the masses.

“This is a stressful time…I know,” Maddow said. “But it is an inspiring time too. Which is why this is exactly what I needed to see tonight.”

In the ad, Freeman acknowledged the current stressors of the COVID-19 global pandemic that has enacted social distancing from loved ones, impacted businesses, as well as the racial injustices that have swept the nation.

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He warns that “our lives quite literally depend” on voting.

“It wasn’t long ago that people were beaten and even killed to obtain the sacred power that each of you have today: the power to vote,” Freeman said. “And right now, your vote is more critical than ever.”

“This election is about you and me. Your family and my family, our planet, and our democracy in its entirety. With our votes, we the people, can begin to overwhelm the unjust political and economic systems that favors profits over people,” Freeman continued.

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