Morgan State University Among MD HBCUs Breaking Records

Morgan State University is thriving in ways they have never seen with a record-high number of applications and enrollment.

Video Transcript

- Well, the state's largest HBCU breaking some record. Since 2019, Morgan State University has gotten an all time record in applications. And despite the pandemic, the school expects those numbers to get even bigger. WJZ live on campus tonight at 5 o'clock. Max McGee tells us why HBCUs are getting so many hopeful students. Max.

MAX MCGEE: Hi Ricky. A lot of these kids have different reasons why they choose a certain school. We all know this. Because of a major, or maybe it is athletics. But the kids that we spoke to today say it's because this is where they belong. Morgan State University is thriving like they've never seen. A record number of applications and enrollment. A 58% increase from 2019, thanks to high visibility from famous alums.

KARA TURNER: High profile people like Kamala Harris, HBCU grad, Stacey Abrams, HBCU grad. So just high visibility, the Black Lives Matter movement, social justice.

MAX MCGEE: MSU has made standardized testing optional, and also waived application fees during the pandemic. Chisom Uzoeshi wants to be a nurse.

CHISOM UZOESHI: To help combat this Covid situation, and also to bridge the gap between racial inequalities between Black nurses, and in the healthcare field.

DARIUS JONES: There's always been a big impact on my life considering that my grandfather went to Morgan State, and my grandmother went to Morgan State. My brother's actually enrolled in Morgan Sate. He graduates next year. And I just wanted to continue the legacy of going to Morgan State in my family.

MAX MCGEE: Coppin State, Bowie State, and Maryland Eastern Shore are all getting huge interest. Earlier this month, the state finalized the $577 million settlement over inequality and public higher education. That money will be used for scholarships and expand academic programs.

KARA TURNER: We have students who could have gone to Harvard. We also have students who may not have been able to get into some of those really well known institutions. And we take a chance on them. We see the potential in them, and help them get where it is they're trying to go.

MAX MCGEE: With 3 months until the fall semester, expectations are these numbers will keep rising. And the investment into the students doesn't stop there. Morgan State is actually building a new residence facility, set to open the year 2024. We're live in North Baltimore tonight. I'm Max McGee for WJZ.