‘Morning Joe': Herschel Walker’s Abortion Fiasco is ‘Perfect Lab Experiment’ to See How Far the Right Goes to ‘Own the Libs’ (Video)

The Herschel Walker saga continues — and chances are, it won’t let up until voting begins for November’s midterm elections.

While there’s been updates all week about his alleged payments to an ex-girlfriend to cover costs for an abortion in 2009 – and even a “get well soon” card in his handwriting provided as further evidence – the “Morning Joe” crew knows that his fate will ultimately come down to the Georgia Senate candidate’s Republican voter base. And co-host Joe Scarborough thinks Walker may get Republican voters to stoop lower than ever.

“It’s almost like a perfect lab experiment to see how low the Republican party can go with people it’s willing to put in the United States Senate — what used to be called the world’s most exclusive club,” Scarborough said on Thursday’s episode, sitting with co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist.

He went on to call out the accusations against the former football player for domestic violence.

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“He keeps rightly going back to the thing that is so jarring: that his ex-wife said he put a gun to her head and said he was going to kill her. He’s never denied that,” Scarborough continued. “And you’ve had one horrible story after another horrible story about his lies, about his behavior, his son.”

As Scarborough sees it, the last few months, and particularly the last week, has begged the question of Walker’s fitness to serve in the U.S. Senate.

“I mean, again, you have all of this regarding whether he’s actually fit to serve or not. And like I’ve said, and I wouldn’t be the first, many have worried through the years that he might not have the mental, emotional stability required – I’m being polite here – to be in the United States Senate,” he said. “And all of this comes even before we get to the fact that Republicans understand he’s not qualified to be senator. He doesn’t know the issues. He can’t talk about any issues in a way that’s cogent, that makes any sense whatsoever. People in his own hometown who grew up, whose kids play at Herschel Walker’s stadium, a rural Georgia town say, ‘Herschel?’ They say with a laugh. ‘He couldn’t even be mayor of our little town, let alone a United States senator.’”

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Scarborough concluded, reemphasizing: “This is almost like the perfect experiment, lab experiment on just how low Republican voters are willing to go to ‘own the libs.’”

Watch the full “Morning Joe” clip from Thursday in the video above.