Morning Press: Pythons in the park; PeaceHealth outbreak; NW Furniture Bank moves

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Jul. 24—How hot will the weekend be? For details, check our local weather coverage.

In case you missed them, here are some of the top stories from the week:

Camas police find 8 pythons at Lacamas Park

Camas police found eight "medium-sized" python snakes Thursday near Round Lake that they believe were dumped there by someone who kept them as pets.

Someone called in the snakes around 9:30 a.m., and responding officers found them near the parking lot at Lacamas Park at Round Lake, according to the Camas Police Department.

— Snakes were turned over to animal control

COVID-19 outbreak sickens patients, staff at PeaceHealth

An outbreak of COVID-19 traced to a patient floor at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center has sickened at least 10 patients and four employees in the last few days, according to hospital and public health officials.

The hospital has isolated the floor, restricted new patient admissions to that floor, and begun testing the remaining patients there for COVID-19, officials said Sunday afternoon.

— Patients were in the hospital for other medical reasons when they contracted COVID-19

— Update: PeaceHealth COVID outbreak traced to patient; 3 of 4 infected workers unvaccinated

— Update: Cases in PeaceHealth COVID-19 outbreak more than double

Apartment rents soaring in Clark County, outpacing wage growth

Joel Moon never thought living in Vancouver would be this straining as he seeks an independent life, and now he's considering leaving for good.

Moon, 22, works graveyard shifts, many of them 12 hours long, as a packer at Frito-Lay. His average workweek of 65 hours allows him to earn more than $40,000 a year, but he pays $1,312 in rent at his one-bedroom apartment near Mountain View High School.

— High-end construction projects, influx in population pushing up demand and forcing many out

Northbound I-5 blocked after semis catch fire in second Monday morning crash

Traffic backed up for miles Monday morning on northbound Interstate 5 due to two crashes, one involving tractor-trailers that caught fire, near Ridgefield.

Clark-Cowlitz Fire Rescue, AMR and Washington State Patrol responded around 8:46 a.m. to a pickup truck and tractor-trailer crash that had stopped northbound traffic, according to Clark-Cowlitz Fire Rescue.

— One person injured

NW Furniture Bank moves to new location in east Vancouver

A chair is not just a chair and a bed is not just a bed. For struggling families, furniture they receive from a Vancouver nonprofit gives them hope, dignity and stability.

Bill Lemke, founder of the NW Furniture Bank, said his organization gives furniture to people through referrals from local social service agencies, supplying them with whatever they need to make a house a home.

— Nonprofit offers dignity, hope, allows clients choose home furnishings

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