Morocco granaries may be world's first banks

This was one of the world's first banks

These ancient Berber granaries were used by Amazigh communities

Location: Souss Massa region, Morocco

to safely store valuable documents, grains, oils, and jewelry

They are considered one of the oldest banking systems

''These collective granaries may be the first indication of the emergence of banks, because when we say a bank, it's a secure place to protect property. These are as old as these mountains, it is difficult to even determine the date of their establishment. What we do know is that these granaries developed boards (tablet). The board is, by the way, the law dictating how to manage these institutions, and the oldest tablet known to researchers is the Agadir Oujarif tablet, which was written in 1492. It is known that writing does not begin until people start developing the history of their areas, which means that it dates back to the beginnings of human settlement."

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