Moscone playlist makes getting a vaccine even more joyous

If getting your COVID-19 vaccine doesn't get your spirits up, the soundtrack to your inoculation just might.

Video Transcript

- All right. It's one thing to get motivated to get your COVID-19 vaccine. It's another to be motivated while getting your vaccine. Apparently, that became a topic at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Joining us to talk about this is Peter Hartlaub, the cultural critic for "The San Francisco Chronicle". Hey, thanks so much for joining us.

PETER HARTLAUB: Thank you for having me.

- OK. Folks, believe it or not, there's a vaccine playlist to greet the workers and those lucky enough to score an appointment at the Moscone. What songs are on that list?

PETER HARTLAUB: Yeah. One of my Twitter followers is calling it #shotrock. It's gone on a journey. It started out really organically. They showed up the very first day and they wanted to get people fired up. It's early in the morning. They got a long day. So they started putting on music on their iPod. And then by the end of the day, they're like, let's put this on for the people coming in and getting their vaccines. So started very early with kind of elevator music. And it's gone to-- I mean, there's Outkast on this playlist now. It's really a--

- Give me some of the titles, though.

PETER HARTLAUB: "Here Comes The Sun", you've got a little Bill Withers in their, ooh, child. Things are going to get brighter. "Five Stairsteps" I think that is. All the way to you've got Madonna on there, Sidewalk Talk, you've got some deep cuts.

- "Happy" too, right?

PETER HARTLAUB: Club music. A little bit like that. Yeah.

- OK, that's great. All optimistic, right?

PETER HARTLAUB: All optimistic. All upbeat. And what they noticed is that the people loved it and they're going out there, they're kind of kicking up their heels on the way out. It's a celebratory moment. So why not some celebratory music. We've heard, "Don't Stand So Close To Me". So they're getting kind of puns in there.

- Social distancing. 6 feet away. That's fantastic. So the reaction's been great for both the workers who are there daily and also the people coming in. Who maintains that list? And who expands it? Who can suggest songs?

PETER HARTLAUB: It's evolved. I think early on, they had the same seven songs. And hearing "Can't Stop The Feeling" from the "Trolls" soundtrack was driving the people a little bit crazy. So it went from being on someone's iPhone, iPod type thing to they handed it over to an event company that is already there working things at Moscone. But they get requests. They have a lot of fun stuff. They vary it up. A little more club music now. A little more upbeat. Lots of surprises.

I've had people telling me "Country Road" by John Denver showed up. So a lot of different things there. So get vaccinated at Moscone Center and you'll have a little jukebox experience.

- So funny. Yes. And it's free. No quarters needed. A lot of people on Facebook Live watching say they love shot rock. That's awesome. You asked people on Twitter what was playing when they were vaccinated. What do people remember most? Or you?

PETER HARTLAUB: I mean, people either remember the exact soundtrack. They're telling me song, after song, after song that played as they went in and went out. Or they don't remember. And I've kind of follow up questions with some of those people. And it turns out that they had their headphones on. And they didn't hear it at all. But I think a lot of people, I mean, you have your wedding song, maybe the song you sung to your kid. I think this is going to be another one of those songs. The song that you heard when you got vaccinated is going to be a special song I think to a lot of people.

- No doubt. Because that's a big moment. You all remember the moment when you got vaccinated. What about you? Did you get vaxxed there? And if so, do you remember the song?

PETER HARTLAUB: No. I have been-- I am 50 years old so I qualify tomorrow. But there's some openings today. So I've been on that website hitting refresh over and over. And my colleague Ann Killian said, if went to concerts, did the Tower Record things getting your concert tickets trying to get Springsteen tickets, those skills are in effect right now. So I'm just hitting refresh a lot hoping that I get something in the next few days, hoping it's at Moscone Center.

- Oh, OK. Yeah. I hope so too. I mean, you are eligible now. I did look today for appointments at the Moscone. Hard to come by. We have another viewer who suggests "My Shot" from "Hamilton". As I go, not going to miss my shot.

PETER HARTLAUB: I already sang for you once. I'm afraid to do it again. But not going to miss--

- Not going to miss my shot. I think it's something like that. OK. I got to ask you, since you're the culture critic, what does this say about San Francisco that at our main vaccination site, we do have a playlist?

PETER HARTLAUB: I think it says a lot. I think that if you look at it, a lot of people here want to get vaccinated. People here have been wearing masks. The numbers are lower in San Francisco than I think any big city except maybe Seattle. And I think there's a little bit of a bonding experience going on here that's going to carry over even after this is over. I think we're going to go back to movie theaters, and ball games, and look around at each other, and say this community all kind of looked out for each other and fought through this together.

And I think that's what a lot of this is about. I mean, it's kind of a silly thing, a funny thing. But I think people are feeling a little bit of bonding and a little bit of appreciation for the people around them who have been doing the right things.

- All right. Peter Hartlaub, Chronicle's culture critic and occasional part time singer hoping to get his shot. Thank you so much. Thank you. That was great. Take care.