Moses Lake reduces speed on Road 7

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Jun. 11—Per county officials' recommendation, the Moses Lake City Council on Tuesday voted to reduce the speed of Moses Lake's portion of Road 7 Northeast, between Stratford Road and Randolph Road Northeast, from 50 mph to 35 mph, to match the recent change of the county's portion.

Due to a number of recent collisions at the intersection of Road 7 Northeast and Randolph Road Northeast, Grant County — which is responsible for two-thirds of that section of Road 7 — reduced the speed in its portion.

In addition, it put blinking lights on that intersection's stop sign and bumps leading up to it.

Grant County engineer Keith Elefson brought this information to city engineer Richard Law, recommending Moses Lake do the same on its portion, Law said.

Nearby Tyndall Road Northeast has a 35 mph speed limit and Randolph Road Northeast has a 45 mph, he said.

"It would make sense to not have a short stretch of 50 followed by 35, when the surrounding area are all less than 50 miles per hour," he said.

The new ordinance will take effect with new signage and be enforced starting June 19.

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