The Iranian Drone Factory

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a part of an unmanned aerial vehicle, what ukrainian military authorities described as an iranian made suicide drone shahed 136 and which was shot down near the town of kupiansk, amid russias attack on ukraine, is seen in kharkiv region, ukraine, in this handout picture released september 13, 2022
The Iranian Drone Factory, HIMARS, and MoreWikimedia Commons

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➡ Russia Is Using Iranian Drones to Attack Ukraine

U.S. technology fell into Iranian hands. How did the country use such tech? To construct and sell drones to Russia.

➡ Here’s What AI Is Already Doing to Us

Read this story for all the fascinating, weird, and downright frustrating ways that AI is harming society.

➡ HIMARS Is Famous for a Reason

Russia, beware. Ukraine is making good use of the popular (and powerful) HIMARS rocket launcher.

➡ The U.S. Is Becoming a Submarine Powerhouse

Submarines are more dangerous than you might think. Here’s a comprehensive list of the most powerful underwater weapons on Earth.

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