The Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs

Jeff S. Bartlett

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SUVs are versatile vehicles for transporting passengers and cargo, and you don’t have to sacrifice fuel economy to get the space and all-weather traction you want. In fact, many SUVs now have fuel economy on a par with large cars.

There are hybrids and diesel SUVs leading several key categories, but as you’ll see below, the most fuel-efficient SUVs overall are hybrids.

Among Consumer Reports’ more than 50 vehicle tests are fuel-economy measurements. Our fuel-economy numbers are derived from a precision flow meter and are rounded to the nearest mile per gallon.

Overall mileage is calculated from equal portions of city and highway driving. SUVs are bought and tested with all-wheel drive. (Learn more about how Consumer Reports tests cars.)

Below, we spotlight the most fuel-efficient SUVs based on the overall fuel-economy test results, omitting electric vehicles. Complete test results can be found by clicking through to the model pages.

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