What was the most Googled word of 2020?

What was the most Googled word of 2020?

No prizes for guessing...

But what else was everyone curious about this year?

''Election results’’ was the second most Googled term in the whole world

Followed by ''Kobe Bryant’’.

Next, a word fimilar to many... ''Zoom.''

The movie that everyone wanted to know more about was ''Parasite’'

And when it came to music, a certain rather explicit song by Cardi B got everyone searching the lyrics – more so than any other song all year

In 2020, a lot of people spent more time getting creative in the kitchen

And it seems we were all making the same things

''Sourdough bread’’ was the most searched recipe in the U.S

And ''Dalgona coffee’’ was the top googled recipe across the globe

Masks became a key part of our lives this year

And in both the UK and France, the most googled ‘how to?’ was how to make one yourself.

''Joe Biden’’, ''Kim Jong Un’’, ''Boris Johnson’’ and ''Kamala Harris’’ were the top Googled people

which might not come as a surprise

But Germany’s most asked ‘’why’’ question might

It was: ''Why were Kellogg’s cornflakes invented?’’

Is the top hit a fact or just a bizarre viral myth?

You could try Googling it.

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