Most liberal college students are not proud Americans and support socialism, survey says

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While conservatives are pushing patriotism and a “take back America” platform, those on the Left have been moving in the opposite direction, with the inclusion of critical race theory training in schools and government.

A national survey of 1,000 colleges released on June 17 has now measured the results of this. More than 400,000 students participated, and the results showed 57% of left-leaning respondents were not proud to be Americans. This is in contrast to 73% of conservatives who answered that they were.


The survey was conducted by North Dakota State University as part of an annual study to assess student perceptions on freedom, beliefs about the future, and attitudes toward capitalism and socialism. Students were asked, “Are you proud to be American?”

NDSU professors John Bitzan and Clay Routledge, who designed the study, said they were surprised by the results because previous research showed that most of the public was proud of the United States regardless of political party, gender, or race.

“We don’t know why college students answered in this way, but the differences between answers by college students and the general population on a very similar question seem to suggest something unique that is worth further exploration,” they said.

However, dozens of Republicans in Congress have spoken out about critical race theory in schools over the past year, stating that it’s creating a class of anti-American citizens. Sens. Rick Scott, Marsha Blackburn, and Mike Braun introduced a resolution condemning the teachings in K-12 grade levels.

The North Dakota survey also had a sharp divide in other areas. In a section on free speech, 76% of liberals said offensive remarks should be reported to the school, while a similar number of conservatives disagreed.


Other statistics include:

  • 81% of liberals said their views of America were developed in college compared to 44% of conservatives.

  • 47% of liberals were favorable to socialism, and only 13% were negative toward it.

  • 65% of liberals thought socialism could solve major problems, such as climate change and poverty.

  • 45% of all respondents said that “a few” professors had expressed their viewpoints on socialism and capitalism.

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