Most Of North Texas Under Tornado Watch Until 11 P.M.

Tuesday's high will be in the low 70s with a chance of showers in the morning.

Video Transcript

- Here this May, a tornado watch in effect right now, Erin, could be a busy evening.

ERIN MORAN: Yeah. It's looking more likely and we've kind of seen the conditions really ramping up over the last few hours. One of the things that we watch for when we're talking about severe weather, especially in the month of May here in North Texas are these temperatures. So upper 80s and low 90s right now. DFW at last check was at 90 degrees. It's the warmest day of the year so far that would be the main story if we didn't have dew points in the 70s right now and a cold front approaching from the West.

So we've got the heat, the humidity, the moisture in place. And we've got the lift with this cold front to start to generate showers and storms. And we're already starting to see that initial storm development this afternoon. Now, most of us have just been seeing sunny skies, but seriously, just in the last 15, 20 minutes or so, we've started to see an uptick in storm initialization out in Parker County right now. And this is what we were expecting. We were expecting storms to develop West by 35. They're going to intensify and then they're going to continue moving to the East.

Now I will say this. Nothing as severe as of now. But a little bit of rain. We're watching the storm kind of increasing or at least picking up in intensity, trying to kind of-- that storm cloud growing out West right now. But there is still a cap in place right now. We do expect the cap to erode, to sort of break away later on this evening, though. And once the cap breaks then the storms really intensify.

So hour by hour, you notice 5:00, rain chances only at about 20%, picks up to 30% in coverage by 6:00. And then by 7:00 this evening, coverage increasing to about 70%, 80% across North Texas. So we're expecting more showers and storms kind of after sunset this evening with that severe threat.

So the latest, there is a tornado watch in place. This came down just before the 4:00 hour. It's through 11:00 this evening. Tornado not the only threat that we're concerned with, with these storms. So let's take a look at Futurecast. We get to about five 6:00. We start to see those isolated storms out West really firing up. And then they continue to multiply and intensify as we get closer to 7, 8:00 in the evening. And they're moving over the I 35 corridor. Now if you see them a little more individualized, these storms kind of hanging out by themselves. There's a greater threat not only for large hail. But that tornado threat as well.

Once we start to see more of a line develop then it becomes more of a hail and a damaging wind threat along with that flooding concern as well. But these storms continue to push East and as we have a cold front moving in overnight, the severe weather threat begins to go down. We could still have some stronger storms for our Red River counties after midnight through that 2:00, 3:00 AM time frame. But then as we get into tomorrow morning, we should be done with the severe weather.

So large hail. We're talking about maybe baseball-sized hail. With some of these stronger storms, I know that's not what you want to hear, especially after last week's hail event. But we got to give you the heads up. Make sure that your weather aware. 60 mile an hour wind gusts. That tornado threat of course, the tornado watches in place as well. Once we get into tomorrow afternoon, we'll have partly cloudy to partly sunny skies. Winds out of the North Northwest. Temperatures are going to warm into the low 70s.

So right now, we've got temperatures in the 80s and 90s, which is kind of ripe for severe weather. Tomorrow, much calmer forecast with the low to mid 70s forecast. And then we've got plenty of sunshine. Mid 70s on Wednesday, low 80s for Thursday and Friday. And then isolated storm chances for the weekend. Roby.