The most secure version of BBM ever is coming to iOS and Android this year

Brad Reed
The most secure version of BBM ever is coming to iOS and Android this year

BlackBerry wants its super-secure mobile messaging service to be available for any business users, no matter what platform they use. In an interview with The Hindustan Times, BlackBerry exec Sunil Lalwani revealed that BlackBerry has plans to start offering BBM Protected on both iOS and Android devices by the end of this year and that businesses will be able subscribe to it for an annual fee of $30 per device.

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BlackBerry released BBM Protected earlier this year but the company said it would only be available at launch for “customers with BBOS devices operating on BES 5″ and “customers with BlackBerry 10 smartphones with gold licenses on BES10 running EMM regulated Work Space mode only.”

BBM Protected functions just as BBM does except it now has an added layer of encryption in the form of a unique encryption key that’s shared exclusively between a message’s sender and its recipient. Even more impressively, BlackBerry says that “each message uses a new random symmetric key for message encryption,” so even if one key gets compromised it doesn’t mean all your messages will also be exposed.

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