How to Have the Most Successful Wedding Cake Tasting Ever

two tiered with and baby blue frosted wedding cake
two tiered with and baby blue frosted wedding cake

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Though the wedding cake tasting is undoubtably fun (and delicious), it's also hard work. Not only are you selecting a flavor for your big-day dessert, but you're also coming up with a design. To ensure that you and your baker are on the same page throughout this meeting, we spoke to an expert and asked her to share her top tips for cake tasting success. From who to invite to the importance of focusing on your own needs, keep the following expert-approved insight in mind.

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Start by meeting with bakers you know can deliver on what you need.

"Choose a baker who you can really get behind," says Emily Lael Aumiller, pastry chef and founder of Lael Cakes. That means only considering bakers who will be able to give you what you need for the big day. For example, if you know you want a gluten-free dessert, look for someone who specializes in that. Or if an elaborately decorated, multi-tier cake is what you're envisioning, make sure the bakers you're considering have made plenty of those in the past.

Focus on what you like.

The baker might tell you their red velvet is their signature flavor and the one most couples choose, but don't let that sway your decision. And don't worry about what everyone else likes best, either. "When choosing cake flavors and designs, don't worry about the needs of others and focus on your own," Lael Aumiller advises. You're not going to please everyone, so focus on getting what you want.

Trust the professional.

"When it comes to the design, let your baker do their thing," Lael Aumiller explains. They will take cues from what your style is and create something completely unique for you. It's also their job to make sure what you're asking for is realistic, so it's important to remember that there's a reason why they might be saying no to your ideas.

Don't bring your entire wedding party to the tasting.

The cake tasting is fun, and while it might be tempting to bring along your entire crew, too many opinions is never a good thing. "Limit the amount of guests you bring along to your tasting," Lael Aumiller recommends. Being surrounded by too opinions may cloud your decision making, she explains, and this may take away from you getting what you really want.

Focus on the cake.

"If you bring your planner to the tasting, focus on the cake and the cake alone," Lael Aumiller says. If you need to catch up on other event details, she advises planning a meeting nearby, but being respectful of your baker's time by working only on the task at hand. The same is true if you're with your fiancé, maid of honor, or mom: While it might be tempting to talk through the other details, remember that this time is all about dessert.