Most of ‘Ukraine aid’ never leaves US — report

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Most of the U.S. military aid funding intended for Ukraine is being spent inside the United States, according to a Nov. 29 piece in The Washington Post.

Of the $68 billion in funds the U.S. Congress approved for Ukraine to date, about 90% is spent on contracts with U.S. contractors. This funding is utilized to produce new weapons, or the replacement of weapons sent from U.S. stockpiles.

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Research also indicates that many of Ukraine's primary weapon systems are being manufactured in the United States, across 117 production lines in 31 states and 71 cities.

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Moreover, 31 U.S. representatives, whose districts benefit most from the Ukrainian funding, voted against or for limiting the aid.

Earlier on Nov. 29, the White House highlighted the advantages that various U.S. states have gained from the military assistance to Ukraine, hoping to bolster support among Republicans who opposed continuing military assistance to Kyiv.

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