Get the most out of your yoga poses with SmartMat

SmartMat coaches you to better Om sessions
SmartMat coaches you to better Om sessions

It's only been a week since founders of SmartMat launched their Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign and the sensor-equipped instructional mat has already earned almost $175,000, well above its original goal of $110,000.

Like any other mat, it's washable and portable and gives you a comfortable surface to practice on, but its sensors connect to a corresponding smartphone app that tells you how to fine-tune your poses for more effective Om sessions.

It tells you if you're balanced and properly aligned but if an instructional yoga mat doesn't sound very spiritual, it's not suggesting you give up going to the studio, for it offers three different modes of operation.

The in-home private mode is the most interactive of the three, aimed at real coaching. The in-class assist mode offers visual feedback so as not to disrupt the class. Finally, the 'Zen' mode offers no feedback but logs your session in the app to record your progress.

The mat can be pre-ordered for $297 with delivery expected in July 2015. It will retail for $447 once pre-orders end.