Most New Yorkers Think Christmas Will Spread COVID: Patch Survey

Gus Saltonstall

NEW YORK, NY — The roads might be packed with snow in 2020, but it looks like the highways will be without their usual holiday traffic this year as the vast majority of New York City residents don't plan on traveling this Christmas.

A Patch survey found that 82 percent of New Yorkers do not intend to travel, and only 2 percent of city-dwellers plan on leaving the state.

Additionally, more than 92 percent of respondents are worried that the holiday will result in a surge of coronavirus cases.

Most people in NYC are planning this year's celebration to involve just members of their household, and just over 10 percent intend to connect with relatives virtually.

While Christmas is generally one of the few times a year many families attend church, under 5 percent of respondents said they are planning to attend a religious service this year.

Here are some of the traditional Christmas activities that Patch readers said they would miss most in 2020.

  • Not being able to see grandchildren.

  • Not being able to see grandparents.

  • Missing out on singing in holiday chorus performances.

  • Not being able to take part in holiday parties

  • Not being able to take part in the usual family festive decoration fun.

  • Not being able to go to midnight mass.

Patch's survey was taken as the number of infections in the city continued its upward climb, and Mayor Bill de Blasio warned of a second lockdown. However, progress continues to take place with vaccine distribution, as New York State is expected to receive 630,000 does by the end of the week.

New York City also distributed its first set of vaccines to nursing home residents and staff on Monday.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to recommend that people postpone travel and stay home this Christmas.

Those who travel should cover their face while in public, social distance from people outside their household and frequently wash their hands.

You can read the full CDC guidelines for the holiday season on its website.

Here are the results of our poll:

This article originally appeared on the New York City Patch