Mother of 15-year-old who was stabbed to death calls on others to report knife crime

Lillian Serunkuma, whose 15-year-old son was knifed to death in 2017, has called on others to speak up about knife crime as part of a new Metropolitan Police campaign.

Video Transcript

LILLIAN SERUNKUMA: It's something that affects everyone that knew him, whether it was his teacher, his friends, the nurses that, you know, worked on him, the doctors. It's something that hasn't left a lot of people that knew him.

I called my auntie to let her know. [SNIFFLES] She was very close to him, almost like a mum to him. I remember telling her that Quamari's-- he's been stabbed. She just screamed, it can't be true, it can't be true. Yeah, it was hard. It was hard to hear it [INAUDIBLE]. Sorry.

If you don't make that call and you know the perpetrator, there's a likeliness that they will be caught and that's their life [INAUDIBLE]. As someone who has lost a loved one, I don't want anybody else to be sitting in the position knowing they could have done something to prevent someone else's family going through what we went through. We were very lucky that every single person that witnessed something came forward. And I would hope that any other parent that goes through what we went through has the same support.

DAME CRESSIDA DICK: The campaign that we've launched this morning with mothers of boys and young men who've been killed is very hard hitting. It's designed to encourage other people to make what may seem like a hard call, but nothing like as hard as those mums had to make. A call to tell us, the police, through Crimestoppers, information they may have, which could help stop somebody carrying a knife, help us to find a knife, could save a life.

The information we're looking for is anything and everything. It might be something quite small. Somebody might be walking down the street and they see a knife in a bush. It might be that they've heard from another person that a boy in the community regularly carries a knife. Of course, it could be something closer to home. Whoever, wherever, however, they can tell Crimestoppers and it will be anonymous information. No one will ever know that they gave that information which might help save a life.