Mother in need of assistance after severe damage impacted her home

An adjuster assessed the damages and told the mother that repairs would take least two months, leaving her to find housing for herself and two young children.

Video Transcript

SEQUOIA PHILLIPS: I don't know where to start. You're like-- it's like, where do you start? Like, I have, you know, family. Because you got to salvage what you can. But I'm like, salvage what I can? Like, what do I my pack? Where do I start? Like, salvage what?

- Sequoia Philips is having to start all over again. She came home Wednesday after staying at a hotel due to the power outages And found her home falling apart.

SEQUOIA PHILLIPS: We got the water off. You know, while I'm literally outside, I hear my house just falling apart. I just heard boom, crashes.

Oh, my god, it's everywhere!

- Broken pipes and water damage in every room.

SEQUOIA PHILLIPS: This, right here, is my older son's bedroom.

- In her 12-year-old son's room, the ceiling collapsed, ruining his bed, clothes, and books.

SEQUOIA PHILLIPS: And then here's my younger son's room. I was able to clean-- [INAUDIBLE] a big hole. Because the ceiling had collapsed and came through his closet.

- Devastating damage. And she does not have renter's insurance. An adjuster told Phillips all the pipes throughout the house have to be replaced. At minimum, it would take two months.

SEQUOIA PHILLIPS: I have a family member who's staying out of town, or who's out of town. So they're letting me stay at their place. But once they get-- like, so I'm trying to use that time to find where I'm going to go. Like, I was in a hotel for a couple of days. But I'm a single mom. I can't afford to stay at a hotel for two months. And so I don't know. When I-- well, we'll-- I'm going to use this time to find out where we're going to stay.

- Phillips is just one of the many Texans who is in desperate need of help. FEMA is now offering emergency-relief aid to residents in 77 counties, including Harris County, that were impacted by the severe weather. It includes grants for temporary housing, home repairs, and covers uninsured property costs. Those who qualify can register online or by calling the number on your screen.

- Florida's sending in an incident management team to help. I've had calls from California, Idaho, all of our surrounding states. I mean, we go and help them during disaster. They want to come help us.

- Until more help arrives, Phillips has set up a GoFundMe page and is cleaning up and trying to figure out what to do next.

SEQUOIA PHILLIPS: Everything is gone, gone. Nothing. I have nothing.