Mother Charged With Murder Of Daughter 3-Year-Old Whose Remains Found In Smyrna Softball Field In 2019

Law officials say the computer-generated sketch of little Emma was instrumental in their case.

Video Transcript

- A mother accused of child abuse is now facing murder charges in the death of her three-year-old daughter. 28-year-old Kristy Haas is now charged with two counts of murder by abuse or neglect. Haas and her husband Brandon were arrested in Pennsylvania in October in the death of Kristy's three-year-old daughter Emma Cole. Her remains were found in 2019 in a Smyrna, Delaware softball field. Kristy Haas is facing a potential life sentence with a minimum of 15 years.

KATHY JENNINGS: I think today, we need to hold our children and our grandchildren extra tight because there are those who never had a chance. And Emma never had a chance, given the abuse that she endured over a very long period of time.

- Both Kristy and Brandon Haas were already accused of depriving them of food and medical attention, and subjecting the three-year-old and her siblings to excessive discipline.