Mother finds unknown woman in home about to bathe her 2-year-old, Ohio police say

Ryan W. Miller, USA TODAY

An Ohio woman faces a felony trespassing charge after she broke into a woman's home and was about to bathe the woman's child, police say.

Elizabeth Hixon, 22, was arrested last week after police say she entered the home of Areica Hill, 31, in Columbus through an unlocked door.

Hill told WCMH-TV she was horrified when she woke up Wednesday morning to find the woman in her home, about to give a bath to her 2-year-old son.

"I've never heard of anything like this," Hill told the TV station.

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According to a police report, Hill and her boyfriend heard a dog walking around with a chain leash dragging on the floor of their apartment. The couple then found a black and white dog and the woman in their home.

"I get up and I walk to my door, and the way my house is set up, I can look down the hall," Hill told the TV station. "I see a white female lady, bent over the tub, with my 2-year-old in the tub."

Hixon is scheduled to appear in court again Friday. A call to an attorney who represented her in another case was not immediately returned.

Hixon's mother told WCMH-TV that her daughter did not have ill intentions.

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