Mother Horrified After Someone Threw Explosive Into 3-Year-Old Son's Window In Evanston

An Evanston mother returned to her home on Wednesday, hours after someone threw an explosive into her young son’s bedroom. CBS 2's Steven Graves reports.

Video Transcript

IRIKA SARGENT: Good afternoon. I'm Irika Sargent.

BRAD EDWARDS: And I'm Brad Edwards. Right now, an Evanston mother returns to her home hours after someone threw an explosive into her son's bedroom.

IRIKA SARGENT: She spoke to CBS 2's Steven Graves who's live at the scene. Steven, incredibly the family got out safely.

STEVEN GRAVES: Brad, Irika, that's right. And thankfully, this mom says her three-year-old son was not in the bedroom at the time when that explosion rocked the first floor here. You can see some of the windows still boarded up. A miracle everyone got out safe, as that boy sat on this couch as it burned.

- This side, this side.

STEVEN GRAVES: Aarynae Morales likens it to a scene out of a movie.

AARYNAE MORALES: The feelings that I felt while it was going on, it's all unexplainable because I've never seen anything like that.

STEVEN GRAVES: She was asleep around 11:30 last night.

AARYNAE MORALES: I woke up like in the middle of it, where I couldn't even see in my room.

STEVEN GRAVES: Smoke was everywhere. Her three-year-old son's father disoriented as the toddler sat on a burning couch.

AARYNAE MORALES: And I grabbed him and my next goal was to get us all out of there.

STEVEN GRAVES: She is six months pregnant and had to jump out of a first floor window with her family. The front door of the home on Brown Avenue was stuck. Evanston police believe someone threw some type of explosive inside the home breaking a window near an alley. Morales says it went off in her son's bedroom.

- The sound, the sound was different.

STEVEN GRAVES: Different how?

- Well, I mean, it was extremely loud.

AARYNAE MORALES: That was very terrible. It's clear as day it's a kid's room. There's stickers on the window. Like, you know, so I don't know who would do something so terrible. Like, who would want to hurt a kid?

STEVEN GRAVES: It is unclear what the explosive was made out of. But Morales describes it as box-like, with a wick at the end. Her son's father was the first to hear the window glass break and find it.

AARYNAE MORALES: He's seen the bomb and after that he went black.

AARYNAE MORALES: The mother and her family have lived here for a while. Police are not indicating if they know who did this. But this afternoon, saying, they do not believe it was random.

AARYNAE MORALES: I'm thankful. I'm just thankful we're here and alive.

STEVEN GRAVES: And here's the thing. We also know another family lived on the second floor of this, but they also escaped. Now police say they have no prior calls for service at this house to indicate anything would have gone wrong here. Right now, they say no one is in custody. Reporting live in Evanston, Steven Graves, CBS 2 News.