Mother of Indiana girl killed by stray bullet still waiting for justice one year after murder

One year ago, 16-year-old Nya Cope was shot and killed by a stray bullet on Indy’s east side. Her death remains unsolved.

Video Transcript

JESSE WELLS: Nya Cope spent her last day, one year ago, visiting Indianapolis from Marion with her mother and a friend before someone shot her to death, a loss that's been a daily struggle for Nya's mom.

NIKKI COPE: Every day I cry. I cry every morning, every night. And the biggest thing is I miss Nya.

JESSE WELLS: With Nya sitting next to her in their car, Nikki remembers hearing gunshots before a bullet tore into the trunk and through a headrest where it hit her daughter.

NIKKI COPE: I noticed Nya falling over, and realized that she had been shot. But I don't like to think about that night. Because it was so horrible.

JESSE WELLS: Nya's friend in the backseat called 911, but no one could save the 16 year old's life. That night a large group of people driving hundreds of cars had gathered around the intersection of 38th and Arlington where this memorial now sits, and Nikki unexpectedly got caught in the middle of that crowd.

NIKKI COPE: I was complaining, one of them is going to hit us. That's all I can remember, recall saying to Nya. We're going to get hit. She's like, stop being afraid, Mom.

JESSE WELLS: It turns out that was one of the last things Nikki and Nya said to each other. A year later Nikki is planning to release these balloons with friends and family at Nya's gravesite. She knows her daughter wasn't shot on purpose, but she still wants whoever pulled the trigger held accountable.

NIKKI COPE: There were several cars behind me. And I know someone had to have seen something. I know they did. Maybe justice would give me a little more peace, but I don't think I'll ever stop missing her.

JESSE WELLS: While detectives do not have any new information to release on a possible suspect, IMPD does encourage anyone with information on the unsolved homicide to contact Crime Stoppers. Jesse Wells, Fox 59 News.