Mother remembers 15-year-old son shot to death while riding ATV in Memphis

A Memphis mother is heartbroken and desperate for answers after her loved one became another victim of gun violence over the weekend.

Video Transcript

PETER FLEISCHER: Jarvis Triplett's mother can still hear her last conversation with her son.

DOMINIQUE BRITT: Mama, can I ride my four wheeler? And I say yes.

PETER FLEISCHER: She says the next phone call came less than 20 minutes later after her son was shot and killed driving his four wheeler down Mississippi Boulevard near the intersection at South Parkway.

DOMINIQUE BRITT: Your son got shot. I mean, I just want to know why. Why?

PETER FLEISCHER: Police haven't released much information, only that at least one suspect drove by in a white sedan and fired several shots. Jarvis's family has no answers about who would want to hurt him.

DOMINIQUE BRITT: So I don't know why they would want to do this to my child. I just want to know why and who. He wasn't a problem child. He wasn't a gang member. He wasn't into none of this extra stuff.

PETER FLEISCHER: His loved ones describe Jarvis as bright and intelligent with a great sense of humor.

DOMINIQUE BRITT: He can light up a room. He can make you mad and laugh at the same time.

PETER FLEISCHER: While they cope with the shock of his murder, they beg the community to come forward with any information.

DOMINIQUE BRITT: Someone better be a good Samaritan. If it was y'all child and I knew anything, I would help y'all. So y'all should help me. Get me the closure that I need for me and my baby.

PETER FLEISCHER: Just a very, very sad situation. You can hear the pain and anguish in Jarvis's mother's voice there. You can see behind me, Jarvis's family is beginning to set up a vigil here at Mississippi and South Parkway where that tragic incident took place. The vigil is set to begin at 6:30, where they will release red and white balloons. And if you know anything, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH. Reporting live in South Memphis, Peter Fleischer, WREG News Channel 3.