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A mother and son's emotional pandemic reunion

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Chip Reid was finally reunited with his mother after a year of seeing each other via Zoom during the pandemic.

Video Transcript

- Like a lot of good sons and daughters, CBS's Chip Reid has spent a lot of time Zooming with his mom. Well, finally, mother and son have been reunited.

CHIP REID: It had been a long time.

- Oh!

CHIP REID: Hi, mom.

- Oh, hi, Chip.

CHIP REID: How are you?

- My boy.

CHIP REID: Over a year since I last saw my 90-year-old mother in person. Does it seem like a whole year to you?

- No.


- It seems longer. Much longer.

CHIP REID: We talked by phone and Zoom. Hi, mom.

- Oh, goodness. Oh.

CHIP REID: How are you?

- I'm good. Oh. So good to see you.

CHIP REID: But there's no substitute for being face to face, even if her nursing home still requires six feet of distance though we've both been vaccinated. Across the nation, families painfully separated for so long have been reuniting after last week's new government guidelines for nursing homes that encourage in-person visits. Frank DeMarinis is executive director of Forwood Manor, my mother's nursing home, in Wilmington, Delaware. What does it mean to you to have us, the visitors, back again?

FRANK DEMARINIS: It brings spirit back into the community. I'd like to think we're a community again, not just a facility.

CHIP REID: Soon, he says, they hope to allow hugging and after that maybe even travel. I'm hoping that we can do our annual trip to the beach this summer.

- Oh, hallelujah. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

CHIP REID: Yes, it would. Chip Reid, CBS News, Wilmington, Delaware, and soon hopefully from the Jersey Shore.